TLC Plates / Silica Gels

Silica gel/fillers for open column chromatography are used as a solid phase in column chromatography. They are used for the removal of impurities from some mixtures or for isolated purification of a specific compound. For example, the flow rate of some substances flowing with the mobile phase that easily interact with this solid phase is low, and the flow rate of others that do not easily interact with the solid phase is high. Our product lineups offer you various options that suit your needs, including the granular silica gel Wakogel®, which is the most commonly used silica gel for fractionation/purification; the spheroidal silica gel Wakosil® series superior in flow characteristics to the granular type; and other products such as the silica gel for fractionation and NH2-modified silica gel.
Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is a method of spotting a mixture to a thin-layer sheet made with a stationary phase and developing the sheet in a mobile phase to separate each component, making use of the differences in polarity among the components. This method is widely used for tracking reactions and simplified purity testing.
FUJIFILM Wako handle the thin-layer chromatography plates prepared by applying various stationary phases.


Author: Y. Suto

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