Pesticide & Veterinary Drug Analysis


Pesticides are essential substances for growing crops. Veterinary drugs are also essential for the prevention and treatment of industrial animal diseases. However, pesticides and veterinary drugs can cause sometimes health problems for human activities. So standard values for pesticide residue are set in each country.
FUJIFILM Wako provides 1,400 analytical standards and 50 mixture standard solutions for pesticide and veterinary drug residue analysis.

More Information

International standards for pesticide residues

International standards for pesticide residues are defined by Codex maximum residue limits (MRLs). Codex MRLs are global standard values for pesticide residues established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Joint Global Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex Commission) and recommended for each country. Codex MRLs are specified for individual or similar crops to which pesticide standards apply.​
In addition, the World Trade Organization (WTO) member countries are requested under the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Agreement to align their food safety regulations with international standards so that differences in regulations between nations do not constitute non-tariff barriers to trade, and many countries have generally accepted the Codex MRL standards.

Features of Wide-mouth ampoule

Features of Wide-mouth ampoule.jpg
Left: Wide-mouth ampoule​
Right: Conventional ampoule​

Our standard solution products uses a wide-mouth ampoule. Conventional ampoules have a narrow mouth, making it difficult for the tip of a volumetric pipette to reach the bottom of the ampoule.​

Conventional ampoules cannot reach the bottom of a 1 mL volumetric pipette tip, but the wide-mouth ampoule can reach the bottom of not only a 1 mL volumetric pipette but also a 10 mL volumetric pipette.​

  • Conventional ampoule container​.jpg
    Conventional ampoule container​
    (Insert a 1 mL a volumetric pipette )​
  • Wide-mouth ampoule container​.jpg
    Wide-mouth ampoule container​
    (Insert 1 mL volumetric pipette)​
  • Wide-mouth ampoule container​.jpg
    Wide-mouth ampoule container​
    (Insert 10 mL volumetric pipette)​

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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