Solvent for Residual Pesticide and PCB Analysis


Since the abundance of residual agrichemicals in the environment is extremely small, high quality reagents are required for high precision analysis. Our products are manufactured through multi-step purification. Even if the solvent is concentrated to 1/300 or 1/5000, the reference substance to be detected is 15 or less. Provide solvents for highly reliable residual pesticide testing that meet our stringent quality standards.


  • A half peak height for 20pg of γ-BHC (organochlorine pesticide) at EDC analysis
  • 1/25 of peak height for 0.5ng of MPP (organophosphorus pesticides) at FDP analysis


Example: Quality standard of hexane (300, 5,000)

Item Specification
Appearance Colorless, clear liquid
Specific Gravity (20/20°C) 0.658~0.662
Moisture 0.01% max.
Non-Volatile Content 0.0001% max.
GC Assay 96.0% min.
Conformance Test


(impurity peaks)
-A half peak height for 20 pg pf γ at EDC analysis
-1/25 of peak height for 0.5ng of MPP at FDP analysis

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300 series

5,000 series

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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