Electrolyte Solutions

The solvent used for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries is an important material. The lithium salt in the solution is dissociated in the electrolyte and lithium ions move between the positive and negative electrodes. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are operated at voltages above 3 V, so water cannot be used as an electrolyte and organic solvents are employed. FUJIFILM Wako is supplier of carbonate solvents. They are guaranteed to not have moisture, chloride (halogens) and various trace metal contents.


Dahn. J.R. et al. : Electrochimica Acta., 174, 417 (2015).


items Propylene Carbonate
Ethylene Carbonate
Fluoro Ethylene Carbonate
Dimethyl Carbonate
Diethyl Carbonate
Assay (cGC) 98.0% min. 98.0% min. 99.5% min. 98.0% min. 98.0% min.
Moisture (KF) 20ppm max. 50ppm max. 200ppm max. 20ppm max. 20ppm max.
Residual acid (as H2CO3) - - - 0.1% min. 0.2% min.
Chloride 5ppm max. 5ppm max. - 5ppm max. 5ppm max.
Ca 1.0ppm min. 1.0ppm min. - 1.0ppm min. 1.0ppm min.
Fe -
K -
Na -

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