An electrolyte used in a lithium ion rechargeable battery dissociates in an organic solvent to impart lithium ion conductivity to the electrolytic solution. Since the electrolyte is a substance responsible for charge transport between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, it is an important material related to input/output characteristics and cycle life of the battery.
Our product is valuable for evaluation of potential of new batteries such as fluorinated sulfonimide (FSI) anion type electrolyte with high ionic conductivity and thermal decomposition temperature. FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical can support developing enhanced performance and safer battery operation.

Physical property value

Morecular formula MW Ionic radius
Melting point
Electrical conductivity
LiN(FSO2)2 (LiFSI) 187.07 0.283 140 6.4
LiN(CF3SO2)2 (LiTFSI) 287.09 0.328 234-238 5.1
CF3SO3Li 156.01 0.268 423 1.7
C4F9SO3Li 306.03 0.335 370-380 1.1
LiPF6 151.91 0.255 165-175 5.8
LiClO4 106.39 0.234 236 5.6
LiBF4 93.75 0.227 293 3.4

※This data is a literature value. Please note that it is not measured value.

Condition of measurement for electrical conductivity:1 mol/dm3 LiX/PC, Pt, 25℃, 5 mV/s, 0.32 mA/cm2

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Author: K. Takimoto

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