CLPA series

Binders for LIB

This binder has been developed for use with high capacity Si type anodes. Si type is the emerging anode technology for next generation lithium ion rechargeable batteries. CLPA inhibits the collapse of the negative Si electrode that is caused by the repeated volume change during charge/discharge.


The number indicates the relative value of the crosslinking density.


Performance of CLPA on Si and graphite composite electrode


Komaba, S. et al: Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 162 (12) A2245-A2249 (2015).


Property of CLPA-H series


Higher crosslinking density gave higher viscosity/thixotropy.


Effect of CLPA



  • Our CLPA series are developed for Si system anode.
  • Our recommend is 80% partial neutralization of CLPA-H based on our battery test.
  • Method to making CLPA-H solution is; 1) dissolve CLPA-H in deionized water and 2) adjust neutrally degrees by NaOH solution.

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Author: H. Mizuta

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