Cathode Materials for LIB

Current lithium ion battery cathode materials consist of lithium ion salts and inorganic oxoacid. Salts of manganese and cobalt are typical materials used in cathode construction. The performance of the rechargeable battery is directly related to the materials employed. Intercalation-type cathode material exhibits a higher capability, and LiCoO2 is widely used in this cathode.
Considering the effect on battery performance, material selection for cathode construction is a critical component for battery technology advancement. The purity (assay) of the raw material used for cathodes greatly affects the life-cycle and safety of the battery. On the other hand, developing stable compounds is desirable from the viewpoint of economic efficiency.
As a manufacturer of high-purity chemical reagents, FUJIFILM Wako is capable of supplying the LIB research community excellent raw materials for cathode construction.

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Author: A. Shin

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