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QHow do I download invoices from my account?

Please check your registered email. The invoice is sent by email once the shipment is completed.

QDo I need to prepay?

No. We will send an invoice once the shipment is delivered.

QWhat is a PO number?

Many organizations give a PO number to each order that is sent to us. In turn, we will include the P...

QCan I place the order offline?

Yes. Please contact us through the inquiry form or phone. We can accept only the Purchasing Order (P...

QHow can I pay online?

You can pay using either way of Credit Card or Purchasing Order (PO) number online.

QHow do I request to place an order online?

If you are not a member with order authority, there are 2 ways to place an order.※If you have not re...

QHow do I place an order online?

You must register your account prior to placing your first order online.There are 2 steps;At first, ...

QIs there a way to purchase reagents?

FUJIFILM Wako has extensive sales channels and work together with local distributers. Please check o...


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