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QHow do I request to place an order online?


If you are not a member with order authority, there are 2 ways to place an order.
※If you have not registered as a member, please complete member registration first.

  1. Apply for an account with order authority
  2. Send "Order request" to the member with order authority via email 

Here is how to use "Order request".

You can request to place an order to order authority ID member with "Order request" (by email).


Add at least one product to your shopping cart, go to the cart, and click on "Order request".


In the following page, you can enter/select the shipping address, enter reciepient's email address and click on "Send order request".
※The reciepient needs to have order authority.



The reciepient will receieve the order request by email.

Please check Terms and Conditions for details.


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