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QI need further information about the measuring unit for viscosity.


Poise, cP, cps, etc. are usually used as measuring units for viscosity.
In recent years, international unit (SI unit) is used as weighing unit and it has been changed to Pascal second (Pa · s). Typically, millipascal seconds (mPa · s) are used as a practical unit of viscosity. Stokes (St) used for kinematic viscosity (ν) have been changed to square meters per second (m2/s). Square millimeter per second (mm2/s) are used as a practical unit. The smaller the viscosity value, the less sticky is the product.

1P = 1dyn・s/cm2 = 10-1Pa・s   1cP(or cps)= 1mPa・s

【Kinematic viscosity】
1St = 1cm2・s-1 = 1cm2/s   1cSt = 1mm2・s-1 = 1mm2/sc


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