Ethylene Oxide, 2-Chloroethanol (Fumigant) Analysis

Ethylene oxide (EO, ethylene oxide) is a fumigant widely used in the transportation of oil seeds and spices, fumigation during storage, and fumigation of industrial raw materials and medical equipment. Therefore, ethylene oxide and its metabolite 2-chloroethanol (2-CE) are sometimes detected in fumigated foods. However, ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol has been pointed out to be toxic to humans. A standard value (MRL) has been established for the sum of ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol.
Fujifilm Wako provides mixture standard solution and analytical standard that can be used for the analysis of ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol.

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Standard Values for Ethylene Oxide and 2-Chloroethanol in Each Country (as of September 2021)

Ethylene oxide (mg/kg) 2 -Chloroethanol (mg/kg)
US Spices, dried herbs: 7
Dried vegetables, licorice, sesame: 7
Walnut: 50
Spices, dried herbs: 940
Dried vegetables, licorice, sesame: 940
Walnut: -
Canada Spices, dried herbs, dried vegetables, sesame: 7 Spices, dried herbs, dried vegetables, sesame: 940
EU Grains, fruits, vegetables: 0.02
Nuts, herbs, oil seeds: 0.05
Tea, spices, etc.: 0.1
Japan Not detected Agriculture/livestock/marine products, processed foods (excludes capsules): 30 (provisional)
Foods intended for infant consumption: 10 (provisional)

Ethylene oxide, 2 -Chloroethanol Mixture Standard Solution

GC Chromatogram


Analysis conditions


Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus


Column: BP624 1.8 μm, 0.32 mm × 60 m

Column temperature: 40℃ (10 min.) → 20℃/min. → 220℃ (21 min.)

Injection temperature: 240℃

Carrier gas: He 2.0 mL/min.

Split ratio: 1/5

Detector temperature: 240℃

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Ethylene Oxide・2-Chloroethanol Mixture Standard Solution

2-Chloroethanol Standard

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