for Colloidal Titration

Colloidal titration is used in various fields as a simple quantitative method for polymer electrolytes. This reaction utilizes the phenomenon in which the polymer cations and polymer anions associate together.
At the endpoint of titration, an indicator (toluidine blue; TB) is added to react with polyvinyl sulfate (PVS), and judgment is performed through the change of color from blue to red-purple.
The reagents for colloidal titration are available in FUJIFILM Wako, which are valued by an international unit traceable evaluation method (SI traceable).


[Explanation of abbreviations]
 PVSK: Polyvinylsulfuric acid potassium salt
 CPC: Hexadecylpyridinium chloride
 Gch: Glycol chitosan
 MeGch: Methylglycol chitosan
 DADMAC: Poly (diallyldimethylammonium chloride)

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