Fish Scale-Derived Collagen

Blue Collagen F-15A

This product is suitable for spinning due to its high viscosity (approximately 2,000 Pa•s), and fibers that are as strong as natural fibers (silk) can be obtained by extruding a high concentration collagen solution into a coagulation bath.


  • The same triple-helical structure as body collagen
    Highly purified collagen is extracted from fish scales without destroying the triple helical structure. The molecular weight of this collagen is as high (approximately 300,000) as that of body collagen.
  • Safely and securely derived from fish
    No viruses that infect humans have been identified in fishes, which are therefore attracting attention as safe and secure material.
  • Very ductile
    The highest ductility than has ever been achieved, by concentrating a standard 0.3% collagen solution by a factor of 50 to 15%.

Product Overview

Product appearance

High ductility achieved by concentrating collagen

Product information

  • Appearance: Light yellow solution
  • Concentration: 15%
  • pH:2 to 4
  • Quantity: 100 g or 1 kg

* Reference information
  • Storage conditions: Store at 4 to 8℃.
  • Viscosity: Approximately 2,000 Pa•s
  • Liquid: Acidity due to lactic acid
  • Contains preservatives

Example of collagen fiber processing

  • Coagulation bath: 20% sodium sulfate
    Cross-link: Formalin
    Collagen: Blue collagen F-15A

  • Fibers that are as strong as natural fibers (silk) can be obtained by extruding a highly concentrated solution into a coagulation bath.

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Fish Scale-Derived Collagens

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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