Alkaloids were originally defined as organic bases containing plant-derived nitrogen and as a group of compounds with a strong biological activity, but at present, they refer to "broadly nitrogen-containing organic compounds excluding biological compounds in other categories such as amino acids and nucleic acids".
Many alkaloids exhibit various biological activities in trace amounts and are often used as drugs. They are also regarded as important lead compounds for the development of new drugs*1. Although alkaloids are biosynthesized from a variety of amino acids, they vary widely depending on the source of nitrogen.
A variety of alkaloid research and testing reagents are available in FUJIFILM Wako.


*1: From the website of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

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Imidazole alkaloids

Indole alkaloids

Phenylethylamine alkaloids

Piperidine alkaloids

Purine alkaloid

Pyridine alkaloid

Quinoline alkaloids

Isoquinoline alkaloids

Tropan alkaloids

Other alkaloids

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