Reagent for the Spin Trapping Method

The generation of excessive reactive oxygen species in the body damages cells and DNA, causing cancer, adult-onset diseases, and aging. Antioxidants are important to prevent adult-onset diseases and suppress aging. Various methods to evaluate antioxidant functions have been established.

In the spin-trapping method, unstable radical species such as O, HO are trapped using spin-trap agents, and measured using electron spin resonance (ESR) after being converted to stable radicals.
Spin-trap agents themselves are not radicals, but trap radicals to produce adducts, which are stable NO radicals.


Depending on the combination of radicals and spin-trap agents, the stability of each adduct is different.
FUJIFILM Wako offers various types of spin-trap reagents and radical-generating reagents, such as Fenton's reagent and HPX-XOD reaction reagent, that can be used to evaluate antioxidant functions of foods using ESR.

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Reagent for the Spin Trapping Method

Reagents for Radical Generation

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Spin Label Reagent

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