Isoflavones contained in soybean (soy isoflavones) are known to have cancer-preventive and antioxidant effects. 12 kinds of compounds are known as soy isoflavones which are isoflavone aglycones, glycosides, acetyl glycosides and malonyl glycosides. Daidzein, genistein and glycitein are isoflavone aglycones which remain after the glycosyl group on a glycoside is replaced by a hydrogen atom. Daidine, genistin and glycitin are glycosides. Acetyl and malonyl glycosides are acetylated and malonylated derivative of glycosides.

Since the chemical structure of genistein, daidzein, and ipriflavone is similar to the estrogen (female hormone), it acts on the estrogen receptor and is reported to be effective in improving osteoporosis and menopause.
It is known that 60% of isoflavones exist as malonyl glycosides in soybean, and malonyl glycosides become acetyl glycosides when they are heated. However its bioactivity has not been investigated, and future research is expected.

FUJIFILM Wako provides several types of isoflavones for various fields of applications.

R1 R2 R3 Product Code
Daidzein H H OH 043-28071 093-04771
Genistein OH H 073-05531
Glycitein H OCH3 070-04701
Daidzin H H 01799_img02.png 040-27741
Glycitin H OCH3 077-04691
6”-O-Malonyldaidzin H H 01799_img03.png 132-13821
6”-O-Malonygenistin OH H 136-13841
6”-O-Malonyglycitin H OCH3 139-13831
6”-O-Acetyldaidzin H H 01799_img04.png 013-18801
6”-O-Acetylgenistin OH H 010-18811
6”-O-Acetylglycitin H OCH3 010-18791
Ipriflavone 01799_img05.png 093-04911

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