for in vivo imaging

Coelenterazine h


Coelenterazine is a luminescent substrate for apoaequorin and Renilla luciferase. Coelenterazine h is a synthetic derivative of coelenterazine. The luminescence intensity of the complex with aequorin is reported to be about 10 times stronger compared to coelenterazine native.
This product is a luminescent substrate for luciferases and aequorins derived from sea pansy and copepoda, and has low toxicity and cell membrane permeability. It can be used for bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET), Ca2+ imaging and dual reporter assays.


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  • High Quality - BRET (Applicable to Bioluminescence resonance energy transfer), Ca2+ Imaging and Dual Reporter Assay
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Application Data

Visualization of chemiluminescence imaging of a mouse with Nano-lantern-expressing tumors.

  • 01625_img02.png

    Fig. 1 Indicator using chemiluminescence
    Glow green: Allow real-time imaging of intracellular structures in living cells
  • 01625_img03.png

    Fig. 2 Spectrum using Coelenterazine h and Nano-lantern

Data was provided by Nagai T., Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka Univ. (Japan)

※Nano-lantern is a super bright chemiluminescent protein that is a hybrid of chemiluminescent protein and fluorescent protein.


Nagai, T. et al. : Nature Communications., 3, 1262(2012).

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