UniWells™ Horizontal Co-Culture Plate


UniWells™ Horizontal Co-Culture Plate is an ideal co-culture device that connects two wells laterally.
Horizontal connection provides easy viewing of cells in both wells simultaneously using various type of microscopes.
It is a versatile tool for studying cell-cell interactions such as transport, migration and invasion.


  • Simultaneous observation using a time-lapse microscope
  • No more filter clogging
  • Cells are cultured under the same condition (used same material on the bottom)
  • Filters of any membrane types and pore sizes are usable
  • Both wells are independent (connect in a free combination)

Kit Contents

UniWells™ Horizontal Co-Culture Plate (384-14421)

Main Body A ・・・2
Main Body B ・・・2
Cover ・・・4
Common Cover ・・・4
Adapter ・・・1
O-ring ・・・2
[Note] The filters are sold separately

Example of use – Uptake of exosomes -

UniWells™ Horizontal Co-Culture Plate enables the observation that exosomes derived from cell B permeate the filter and are uptaked by cell A.


Instructions for use

  • Connected use

    Wells are connected by fitting a filter, O-ring and cover.

    ※The filters are sold separately.


    Connection methods are as below;

    A)Connect the wells cultured independently by aspirating the culture solution once.
    B)Connect first and increase the volume of the culture solution to achieve co-culture

  • Single use

    Fit a common cover and cover to a well.


    Use in a microscope

    Set wells to the adapter provided.

    ※The adapter is attached to the main unit.

Medium volume

Medium volume less than 400 μL is not shared between the wells.


The maximum medium volume on each well is 1.8 mL.


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UniWells™ Horizontal Co-Culture Plate

UniWells™ Filter 0.6 µm

UniWells™ Filter 0.03 µm

UniWells™ Adapter 96

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