Reagent for Ion Chromatography

Ion chromatography is a method that can quantify a variety of ions simultaneously with high sensitivity. It is used in areas, such as environmental measurement of waste water, soil, and air, as well as quality control of pharmaceutical products and food products.

Standard Solutions

JCSS Standard Solutions

FUJIFILM Wako is accredited by IA Japan as the registration and accreditation business operator, and produces JCSS pH standard solutions, metal (elemental) standard solutions, and ion standard solutions ensuring metrological traceability (SI traceable).
Each JCSS standard solution is accompanied by a "calibration certificate" with a JCSS symbol to prove that it is traceable to the national measurement standard (NMIJ CRM).

Code Product Name Composition Concentration (mg/L)
Cation Standard Solution
019-15461 Ammonium Ion Standard Solution NH4+ NH4NO3 in 0.02 mol/L HNO3 1,000
Anion Standard Solution
024-15331 Bromide Ion Standard Solution Br- KBr in H2O 1,000
024-18913 Bromate Ion Standard Solution BrO3- KBrO3 in H2O 2,000
038-16153 Chloride Ion Standard Solution Cl- NaCl in H2O 1,000
036-25581 Chlorite Ion Standard Solution ClO2- NaClO2 in H2O 1,000
031-24953 Chlorate Ion Standard Solution ClO3- NaClO3 in H2O 1,000
066-03401 Fluoride Ion Standard Solution F- NaF in H2O 1,000
149-06443 Nitrate Ion Standard Solution NO3- NaNO3 in H2O 1,000 (N: 225)
144-09891 Nitrate Nitrogen Standard Solution [NO3- (as N) 1000] NO3- NaNO3 in H2O 1,000 (as N)
146-06453 Nitrite Ion Standard Solution NO2- NaNO2 in H2O 1,000 (N: 304)
147-09901 Nitrite Nitrogen Standard Solution [NO2- (as N) 1000] NO2- NaNO2 in H2O 1,000 (as N)
164-17463 Phosphate Ion Standard Solution PO43- NaH2PO4 in H2O 1,000
198-10823 Sulfate Ion Standard Solution SO42- Na2SO4 in H2O 1,000
Mixture Anion Standard Solution
019-24011 Anion Mixture Standard Solution 1 in H2O Br-: 100, Cl- :20, F-: 20, NO2-: 100,
NO3-: 100, PO43-: 200, SO42-: 100
012-28021 5 Anion Mixture Standard Solution [Compliance with the Waterworks Law] in H2O NO3- (as N): 100, NO2- (as N): 10,
F-: 100, Cl-: 200, ClO3-: 100

Standard Solution for Ion Chromatography

Standard solution for ion chromatography, the concentration is verified by chemical analysis or ion chromatography, and actual concentration values are displayed for each product.

Code Product Name Composition Concentration (mg/L)
Cation Standard Solution
031-13321 Calcium Ion Standard Solution Ca2+ Ca(NO3)2・4H2O in 0.02 mol/L HNO3 1,000
126-03391 Lithium Ion Standard Solution Li+ LiNO3 in 0.02 mol/L HNO3 1,000
135-09761 Magnesium Ion Standard Solution Mg2+ Mg(NO3)2・6H2O in 0.02 mol/L HNO3 1,000
163-13991 Potassium Ion Standard Solution K+ KNO3 in 0.02 mol/L HNO3 1,000
193-09621 Sodium Ion Standard Solution Na+ NaNO3 in 0.02 mol/L HNO3 1,000
Mixture Cation Standard Solution
136-14561 Multication Standard Solution Ⅰ in 0.02 mol/L HNO3 Ca2+: 100, Mg2+: 100, Na+: 100
130-14601 Multication Standard Solution Ⅱ in 0.02 mol/L HNO3 K+: 100, Na+: 100, NH4+: 100
137-14611 Multication Standard Solution Ⅲ in 0.02 mol/L HNO3 Ca2+: 50, K+: 50, Li+: 5, Mg2+: 30, Na+: 20, NH4+: 25
Mixture Anion Standard Solution
134-14621 Multianion Standard Solution 3 in H2O Br-: 50, Cl-: 10, NO2-: 50, NO3-: 50, SO42-: 100


Eluent used in the analysis of cations and anions. It can be used only by diluting 100-fold with water before use.

Code Product Name Concentration (mg/L) Volume
for Monovalent Cation Analysis
095-03251 Ion Chromato-Eluent C 0.1 mol/L HNO3 aq. 1 L
for Monovalent and Divalent Cation Analysis
131-12551 2 mol/L Methanesulfonic Acid Solution 100 mL
for Anion Analysis
091-03231 Ion Chromato-Eluent A-D [For Dionex] 1 L

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Cation Standard Solution

Anion Standard Solution

Eluent for Monovalent Cation Analysis

Eluent for of Monovalent and Divalent Cation Analysis

Eluent for Anion Analysis

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product content may differ from the actual image due to minor specification changes etc.

If the revision of product standards and packaging standards has been made, there is a case where the actual product specifications and images are different.


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