Solvents for Preparative Chromatography

Solvents for preparative chromatography are high-purity solvents, in which the non-volatile substances, acids, and absorbance are suppressed at low levels in order to obtain the precious target component with high purity and high yield.

Example of Specification

Distilled Water

Requirement Specification
Appearance Colorless and clear liquid
Density (20℃) 0.997 - 0.999 g/mL
Refractive index nD20 1.332 - 1.334
Absorbance 210 nm: max. 0.03
220 - 400 nm: max. 0.01
Residue after evaporation max. 5 ppm
pH at 25℃ 5.0 - 7.5
Peroxide (as H2O2) max. 0.5 ppm

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product content may differ from the actual image due to minor specification changes etc.

If the revision of product standards and packaging standards has been made, there is a case where the actual product specifications and images are different.


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