Measuring incretin GLP-1 with a high sensitivity!



GLP-1 is thegastrointestinal peptide hormone secreted from intestinal L cells, and shows the hypoglycemic action through the enhancement of insulin secretion and the suppression of glucagon secretion by the sugar stimulus. The report has been issued that GLP-1 is useful for the treatment of type 2 diabetes as the new therapeutic agent for diabetes.
This product is ELISA kit measurable with a high sensitivity of GLP-1 in the plasma of mouse and rat used with a highly specific GLP-1 antibody. It has more than 10 times sensitivity compared to the conventional product (Rat GLP-1 ELISA Kit wako).
Since this kit reacts to both the active form of GLP-1 (7-36 amide) and the inactive form of GLP-1 (9-36 amide), it is suitable for experimental system measuring the total amount of GLP-1.


  • High sensitivity
    The range of calibration curve : 0.94~30 pM
    ※In order to avoid the effect by the inhibitor in the blood, we recommend a five-fold dilution of the specimen, the substantial measurement range is 4.7 ~ 150pM.
  • Measurable in a short period of time.
    Measurement time : 4 hours
  • A necessary amount of a specimen is small.
    A necessary amount of a specimen : 10 μL

Comparison with conventional products

  • Sensitivity more than 10 times
  • Measurement time less than 1/4
  • A necessary amount of a specimen 1/3
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Examples of measurement

Mouse plasma

Mouse No. Measured value (pM) C.V value Remarks
1 31.4 3.1 Fasted mouse, 8-week-old ♂
※ Collected the blood after 15 hours fast
2 16.3 2.9
3 17.2 3.7
4 20.8 3.1
5 27.1 0.3
6 39.6 2.6 Sugar-administered mouse, 8-week-old ♂
※ After the fast, administered glucose (2g / kg), then 10 minutes later, collected the blood.
7 15.9 4.3
8 9.4 3.8
9 8.09 4.4
10 13.9 1.8

→ A data of high reproducibility with a small C.V value was obtained.

Example of calibration curve


Kit performance

The range of calibration curve 0.94~30 pM
The substantial measurement range 4.7 ~ 150 pM (converted as 5-fold dilution)
A necessary amount of a specimen 10μL
Measurement sample Plasma
Measurement time 4 hours
Species crossing Mouse, Rat
Simultaneous reproducibility < 10%
Day difference reproducibility < 10%

Kit Components

1) Antibody-coated plate (8 x 12) wells/plate 1 plate
2) GLP-1 Standard Solution (30 pM) 400 μL
3) Buffer solution 60 mL
4) Biotinylated Anti GLP-1 Antibody Solution 100 μL
5) Peroxidase-conjugated streptavidin Soln. 100 μL
6) TMB Solution 12 mL
7) Stop Solution 12 mL
8) Wash Solution (x 10) 100 mL
9) Plate Seal 4 seals

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Total GLP-1 Measurement Kit

Active GLP-1 Measurement Kit

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