PYY is a gastrointestinal peptide hormone consisting of 36 amino acid residues. It is mainly released from endocrine cells localizing in the intestinal tract after food ingestion, and inhibits appetite through the vagus nerve and blood. The ELISA kit is used for the quantitative determination of mouse/rat PYY in plasma and serum samples.



Standard curve range 0.15~12.5 ng/mL
Test Time about 20 hours
Samples Mouse/Rat Serum, Plasma
Sample volume 25μL
Reproducibility Intra-assay CV(%) 3.1-9.8
Inter-assay CV(%) 4.2-14.2
Cross-reactivity Specific to Mouse,Rat
No cross reactivity to Human PYY

Kit Components

1) Antibody-coated plate 1 plate
2) Mouse/Rat PYY Standard 12.5 ng
3) Biotinylated Mouse/Rat PYY 1 vial
4) Anti Mouse/Rat PYY , Rabbit 8.5 mL
5) HRP Labeled Streptavidin Solution 12 mL
6) Enzyme Substrate Solution 12 mL
7) Stoppig Solution 12 mL
8) Buffer Solution 25 mL
9) Washing Solution (concentrated) 50 mL
10) Adhesive Foil 3 seals


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