LDH-Cytotoxic Test

LDH-Cytotoxic Test wako is a kit to quantity cytotoxicity based on the measurement of the activity of LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) released from damaged cell membrane. When cell membrane is damaged, LDH is released into the surrounding cell culture medium. The released LDH can be measured by enzymatic reaction.

This kit can be used for evaluation of toxicity of various drugs and also used for measurement of cell injury caused by several mechanisms including bioreactive substance dependent cell injury, cell-mediated immunity dependent cell injury, complement-dependent cell injury and antibody-dependent cell injury.


  • Applicable to both adherent and suspension cells
  • Precise quantification of cytotoxicity, based on the measurement of enzyme activity
  • Assay time is less than one hour
  • 96 well plate format

Kit Components

  • Color Reagent: 10 bottles
  • Buffer Solution: 55 mL × 1 bottle
  • Stop Solution: 55mL × 1 bottle
  • 96 well Microplates: 10 plates

Principle of Assay

LDH catalyzes the conversion of lactate to pyruvate in the presence of NAD. In the reaction lactate is oxidized to pyruvate and an equivalent amount of NAD is reduced to NADH. NADH formed reduces nitrotetrazolium blue in the presence of diaphorase to produce purple-blue diformazan. The absorbance of this dye is measured at 560 nm (±10 nm)


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