Cytotoxic Fluoro Test

Cytotoxic Fluoro test Wako is a kit to quantify the dead cells and total cells to measure viability. This is Fluorometric Assay based on Cell Lysis and Staining (FACLS). This kit consists of unique fluorescent dye and cell lysis reagent. The dye permeates only damaged or dead cell membrane and reacts with DNA in the cells to become fluorescent.

This kit is applicable to cytotoxicity assay, cell proliferation assay and determination of ratio of dead and living cells.


  • Applicable to both adherent and suspension cells
  • Quantitation of dead cells and total cell in the same well in shot time
  • Simple two-step procedure, applicable to screening assay
  • No need for pre-treatment such as washing cells, media exchange and cell separation by centrifugation
  • Not influenced by pH change, temperature, reaction time and serum containing in culture medium
  • No RI, toxic organic solvent or dye
  • Measurement wave length: Ex 420 nm/ Em 460 nm

Kit Components

  • Fluorescence Reagent: 500 uL × 1 vial
  • Lysis Solution: 10ml × 1 vial

Principle of Assay

The dye emits intense fluorescence at 100-1,000 times of the original intensity only when the dye binds to DNA. In addition, the dye enters into cells with damaged cell membrane or dead cells, but not intact or living cells.

  1. Add Fluorescence Reagent to cell sample. Then quantity the dead cells by measuring fluorescence intensity [FD].
  2. Add Lysis Solution to disrupt membrane permeability of intact cells. Quantity total cells by measuring fluorescence intensity [Fr].
  3. Calculate the viability of cells ([Fr]- [FD])/ [Fr]

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