Anti Apelin Antibodies

Apelin is a bioactive peptide ligand composed of 36 amino acids. It acts to reduce blood pressure, promote angiogenesis, and promote atherosclerosis by binding to and activating APJ receptor. It also exists in the nervous system; in fact, recent studies demonstrated its neuroprotective effects in a mouse model of ALS.
The product is an antibody for apelin, and neutralizes apelin by binding to its active site.

Description of the Antibody

Source Apelin Applications Neutralization analysis,
immunostaining, ELISA
Isotype IgG1
Immunogen details pGlu65-Apelin13
Cross-reactivity Human, Mouse, Rat Labelling Unlabeled
Alternative names APLN, APEL, XNPEP2, AGTRL1 Ligand Host species Mouse Clone No. 4G5


  1. Kidoya, H. et al.: EMBO. J., 27, 522 (2008).
  2. Kawamata, Y. et al.: Biochimica. et. Biophysica. Acta., 1538, 162 (2001).

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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