ELISA Kit for Crustacean Proteins "Maruha Nichiro"


The kit detects crustacean proteins using the crustacean tropomyosin in foods as an index by the ELISA. Shrimps and crabs cause food allergies in adults most frequently with serious consequences. Labeling became mandatory in June 2009 in compliance with the test guidelines set by the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan.


  • Compliant with the test guidelines of the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan
  • New extraction liquid free of medical poisonous substances
  • Rapid measurement: Approximately 2.5 h from the start of measurement to analysis
  • High specificity: Crustaceans, especially shrimp and crab*

* It is not possible to distinguish between shrimp and crab.


Reaction with various crustaceans


Cross-reactivity with various raw materials


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Crustacean kit 2 "Maruha Nichiro"

For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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