Wakogel® series

Silica Gel

Wakogel® series is crushed silica gel with 7nm pore size. These silica gels can be used for purification processes such as preparative and/or column chromatography. Several products with different particle sizes are available. For example, Wakogel® C-200 (partile size 75-150μm) can be used for open chromatography and Wakogel® C-300 (45-75μm) can be used for flash chromatography. Furthermore, smaller particle sizes enable higher separation performance, for example using Wakogel® C-400 HG (20-40μm) and Wakogel® C-500 HG (15-30μm). As shown in here, the particle size uniformity of our each products has being higher than that of other competing products.

Particle Size for Wakogel®


Wakogel® C-200 (open chromatography, particle size=100μm)


Wakogel® C-400HG (Flash Chromatography, particle size=30μm)


According to our studies in the separability of Wakogel® C-200 and Wakogel® C-400 HG, Wakogel® C-400 HG was able to load three times as much sample as Wakogel® C-200. In addition, Wakogel® C-400 HG also enabled separating under high flow conditions. From the above results, it was shown that 30 μm silica gel has 3-4 times resolution of 100 μm silica gel.

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Wakogel® series

Author: T. Shibata

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