Wakopak® Wakosil® 5TMS

Wakopak® Wakosil® 5TMS is a HPLC column using revers-phase packing agent composed of trimethylsilyl groups (TMS) chemically bonded to silica gel. The retention of hydrophobic compounds is less than that of butyl (C4).
Wakopak® Wakosil® 5TMS is effective when you want to quickly elute compound with a stronger retention that other reverse-phase packing agent cannot or when you cannot increase the ratio of organic solvents in the mobile phase. Wakopak® Wakosil® 5TMS is also used for simultaneous analysis of samples with a wide range of polarity.


Comparison of Retention of Each Packing Agent in Neutral Compounds Analysis

Column Size
:4.6 mm × 150 mm
:CH3CN/H2O = 60/40 (v/v)
:UV 254 nm
  • Wakopak® Wakosil® 5C18, 5C8, 5C4
     Flow Rate:1.0 mL/min. at 25℃
  • Wakopak® Wakosil® 5TMS, 5Ph
     Flow Rate:0.9 mL/min. at R.T.


Analysis Example of Water-Soluble Vitamins

  • 01235_img02.png
  • Column
    Flow Rate
    :Wakopak® Wakosil® 5TMS (4.6 mm × 150 mm)
    :CH3OH/0.15 mM KH2PO4 = 5/95 (v/v)
    :1.0 mL/min. at R.T.
    :UV 254 nm

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Wakopak® Wakosil® 5TMS

C1 column for reverse-phase chromatography

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