Plant Research

Plants support the ecosystem as primary producers of organic materials that serve as energy sources, by synthesizing them from inorganic materials. Humans have long used plants for foods, raw materials (fibers and building materials), medicines, etc., and have also been engaged in cultivation and breeding.

As plants are basically unable to move, they have characteristics different from those of animals. A representative example is the cell wall. The cell wall physically protects plants, and has roles including protection from drying and support of plants. In plant cells, pigments such as chlorophyll exist, and play an important role in the photosynthesis. The cell wall and pigments, however, make it difficult to observe the inside of a plant and often hinder molecular biological experiments.

Fujifilm Wako provides tissue clearing reagents and nucleic acid extraction and purification kits for plants that can solve these problems. In addition, we offers a line-up of reagents that support plant research from the basics, such as plant hormones, growth inhibitors, mutagens, and protoplast preparation reagents.

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