Presep®-C DNPH, Wakopak® Wakosil® DNPH-Ⅱ, Presep®-C Ozon Scrubber

SPE Column for Aldehyde Analysis of Air Pollution

Aldehydes are chemical pollutants in atmosphere and regarded as a cause of sick building syndrome. Aldehydes can be detected by GC or HPLC in general after derivertization to 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH). In particular, "solid phase extraction & HPLC analysis" is convenient method with easy operation of air sampling and solvent extraction. Our DNPH set is a suitable system for aldehyde analysis.


Presep®-C DNPH(Short) Presep®-C DNPH
Filler crushed silica gel crushed silica gel
particle size: 150〜425 μm particle size: 75〜150 μm
pore size: 7.0 nm pore size: 7.0 nm
specific surface: 450 cm2/g specific surface:450 cm2/g
Filler amount ca. 0.4 g/cartridge ca. 0.8 g/cartridge
Amount of DNPH ca. 0.9 mg/cartridge ca. 1.8 mg/cartridge
Size Length: 3.8 cm Length:5.0 cm
maximum width: 1.9 cmφ maximum width:1.9 cmφ
filling part: 1.0 cmφ×0.8 cm filling part: 1.0 cmφ×1.6 cm
Amount of loading sample ca. 75 μg (as formaldehyde) ca.150 μg (as formaldehyde)

    Presep® -C DNPH Series

    • Reduced noise for lower aldehyde (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acetone)
    • Individual packaging

    Presep® -C DNPH (Short)

    • Easy sampling thanks to excellent permeability
    • Good for indoor sampling


    1. Sampling by Presep®C DNPH / Presep®-C Ozone Scrubber
    2. Extraction by acetonitrile (for aldehyde analysis)
    3. HPLC analysis (Wakopak® WS DNPH-Ⅱ / Wakosil® DNPH-Ⅱ / eluent A&B / standards)

    Example of analysis


    Analytical Conditions

    Column Wakosil® DNPH-II 4.6 mmφ, L=150mm
    Eluent A) Wakosil® DNPH-II Eluent A, B) Wakosil® DNPH-II Eluent B
    Gradient 0-10min.: Eluent A=100% → Eluent B/10-16min. → Eluent B=100%
    Flow 1.0 mL/min. at 35°C
    UV 360 nm
    Injection 10 μL
    1) formaldehyde-2,4-DNPH 2) acetaldehyde-2,4-DNPH 3) acetone-2,4-DNPH
    4) acrolein-2,4-DNPH 5) propionaldehyde-2,4-DNPH 6) crotonaldehyde-2,4-DNPH
    7) n-isobutylaldehyde-2,4-DNPH 8) benzaldehyde-2,4-DNPH 9) isovaleraldehyde-2,4-DNPH
    10) n-valeraldehyde-2,4-DNPH 11) o-tolualdehyde-2,4-DNPH 12) m-tolaldehyde-2,4-DNPH
    13) p-tolaldehyde-2,4-DNPH 14) hexaldehyde-2,4-DNPH 15) 2,5-dimethylbenzaldehyde-2,4-DNPH

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    For Aldehyde Analysis Column

    Solvent for Exclusive Use

    Standard Solution

    Author: Y. Higai

    For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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