Photo Base Generators [WPBG series]

A Photo base generator is a compound which generates organic base such as amine upon UV irradiation. The generated organic base accelerates anionic UV curing of various systems.



In the polycondensation of silanols (solā€gel method), polysiloxy compounds can be obtained by the base.
The polycondensation reaction rate using base is much faster than acidic conditions.
A thiol compounds having an acidic proton is activated by a base and nucleophilically added to epoxy compounds.


Anionic UV curing is not inhibited by oxygen and moisture.
The organic base does not corrode metals.
Since active species survive after UV irradiation, UV delay curing systems can be achieved.

Anionic UV Curing technology can applied in various areas including coating materials and adhesives, sealants for electronics equipment.


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Author: N. Sakai

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