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PrimeSurface®, 96 SLIT-WELL PLATE

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Overview / Applications

Outline PrimeSurface® cultureware are ultra low attachment (ULA) dishes and plates that promote scaffold free, self assembly of spheroid formation. The plates are pre-coated with unique ultra hydrophilic polymer that enables spontaneous spheroid formation of uniform size and shape.
Features • PrimeSurface® 96 Slit-well Plate, is designed to form and maintain uniform spheroid for long term cultures.
• New and innovative design of plate with slits on the upper half of each well.
• Media aspirating and dispensing is efficiently performed from the corners of the plate while keeping the spheroid formation undisturbed in wells.
• The product development is supported by AMED*. *Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development
Application Stem Cell Research:
Differentiation induction of ES, iPS and mesenchymal stem cells from embryoid body formation.
Drug Screening Research & Development:
Three dimensional spheroid models are more physiologically relevant than two dimension monolayer model.


Appearance 96 Clear Slit-wel Plate
Specificity Radiation sterilized
Product life: 2 years after production
Volume 0.3 mL.

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product content may differ from the actual image due to minor specification changes etc.

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