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[Application Note] High-throughput Exosome Isolation

Fujifilm Wako's MagCapture™ Exosome Isolation Kit PS, PS Capture™ Exosome ELISA Kit, and PS Capture™ Exosome Flow Cytometry Kit harness the high specificity of phosphatidylserine (PS)-Tim4 binding to provide high purity, yield, and high sensitivity detection of intact exosomes.

Last year, we launched an updated MagCapture™ Exosome Isolation Kit PS Ver. 2 that allows for direct use of isolated exosomes without buffer exchange. To address additional hurdles in exosome research, we have now turned our sights to the high-throughput, automated isolation of EVs. Read on to learn how our newly-developed method enables isolation from up to 96 samples at one time.


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