Graphene Oxide

Graphene oxide can be synthesized by chemically oxidizing inexpensive graphite. The layer can be made as thin as a single-layer of one carbon atom, and it can be easily combined with other materials (polymers, metal nanoparticles, etc.). It is easy to handle in a solution state, is a promising material for chemical modification, and is expected to be used in a wide variety of applications. For this reason, it is a material that is attracting attention as one of the next-generation nanocarbons.

This product is a graphene oxide that Professor Nishina of Okayama University is working on research and development. It is a high-quality graphene oxide with a single-layer and a smaller average size than graphene oxide on the market because it was developed using a unique manufacturing method. It has very high dispersibility and is attracting attention in various fields as a new functional material.


  • High Oxygen Content
  • Average Size: 1 μm
  • Impurity Metals:Mn < 1%, K < 1%
  • Powder type is dispersible in water and *polar organic solvents*.
*PC(Propylene Carbonate), NMP(1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) etc.


Comparison of SEM analysis of graphene oxide

Our Product




AFM analysis of graphene oxide

Our Product


(Data provided by: Nishina Materials Co., Ltd.)

Application Example

  • Organic Synthesis Catalyst1)
  • Polymer(Grafting Materials)2)
  • Separation Membrane3)
  • Battery Electrode
  • Biosensor etc.


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Application example of graphene oxide (Separation Membrane)

Natural dried coating film


Coated film filtered under reduced pressure


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Graphene Oxide

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