Organic Semiconductors (OSC)

p-Type Organic Semiconductors

Organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) have been good attentions as mechanically flexible and lightweight materials. Printed flexible devices for active layer made from organic semiconductor materials can be manufactured by means of low-cost and environment-friendly coating processes, and are particularly expected as next-generation electronics.

A newly line-up of highly soluble p-type semiconductor materials with high hole mobility is available from FUJIFILM Wako. These products are new materials developed by the joint research with Prof. Dr. Takeya and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Okamoto of The University of Tokyo and FUJIFILM Corporation.


  • High hole mobility
    The hall mobility is over 5 cm2/Vs.
  • High heat resistance
    The products do not deteriorate even when used at the temperature required for OSC patterning.
  • High solubility
    Solubility in toluene : 0.5 wt%
  • High repeatability
    Good repeatability was confirmed in the characterization of the transistor by Pi-Crystal, Inc.
  • Sublimated products
    The purity of over 99% is guaranteed

Summary of various transistor element characteristics

  • Film production method Substrate temperature(℃) µmax
    Vth (V)b Ion/ Ioff
    Drop-casting 40 4.0 -21 - -37 106
    Edge-casting 40 6.2 -15 - -20 106
    Vacuum deposition 60 1.8 -15 - -20 106
    100 1.0 -15 - -20 106

    a)Evaluated in the saturation region. b) The gate insulator is SiO2 with a thickness of 200 nm.

  • 01238_img02.png

Crystal film fabrication by edge casting method and transistor characterization evaluation


  • 01238_img03.png

  • Coating film formation conditions
    Solvent Toluene
    Concentration 0.05 wt%
    Melted temperature 60 ℃
    Hot plate temperature 50 ℃
    Substrate SiO2 200 nm
    SAM β-PTS
    Drop amount 1 drop
    Drying Under pressure, 50℃, 8h




  • 01238_img06.png

  • Coating film formation conditions
    Solvent Anisole
    Concentration 0.05 wt%
    Melted temperature 70 ℃
    Hot plate temperature 40 ℃
    Substrate SiO2 200 nm
    SAM β-PTS
    Drop amount 1 drop
    Drying Under pressure, 70℃, 24h




  1. Okamoto, T. and Takeya, J. et al.: Adv. Mater., 25, 6392 (2013).
  2. Okamoto, T. et al.: J. Mater. Chem. C, 5, 1903 (2017).

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