Packing Agents for Sample Pretreatment "Wakogel® 50 Series"

These are crushed silica gels modified by various functional groups. These can be used for sample pretreatment.

  • Solvent that can be used: Organic solvent (water-soluble/non-water-soluble)
  • Already end-capped
  • Silica gel particle size: 40 μm - 63 μm (reference value)

Line Up

Product Code Product Name Use Structural Formula Package Size
231-02511 Wakogel® 50C4 (Butyl) Separation of compounds with high hydrophilicity
or compounds with hydrophobic functional groups
buried in the structural formula.
01232_img01.png 250 g
232-01561 Wakogel® 50C18 (Octadecyl) Reversed-phase chromatography 01232_img02.png 100 g
234-01565 500 g
230-02601 Wakogel® 50WCX (Ethylcarboxylic acid) Weak cation exchanger. Removal of amines and carbonates 01232_img03.png 100 g

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