Card kit for olfactory study and determination of olfactory identification capability

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Under the technical guidance of the Human Environment Interaction Research Group, Human Information Research Department, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, we developed a card kit that can easily measure olfactory identification capability. It can be used to screen odors.


  • 12 types of odors are adopted
  • Optimal for screening olfactory identification capability
  • The odor does not diffuse into the room
  • "Micro-encapsulated smell" and "response options" are printed on the card
  • One person can perform the measurement
  • Results are obtained in a short time
  • Adoption of answer sheets for easy confirmation of correctness
  • Compact design takes up little space
  • Individual packaging for each measurement
  • Stored at room temperature

Kit Component

  • Measurement card: 12 types (1 set) x 50
  • Answer sheet: 50 sheets
  • Instructions for use


1. Prepare 1 bag of measurement cards and 1 answer sheet.



2. Open the measurement cards in order starting with A and check the odor inside the card.



3. Select an answer from the options on the right side of the measurement card and fill out the numbers on the answer sheet. Finally, check the correct answer.


Product List

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product content may differ from the actual image due to minor specification changes etc.

If the revision of product standards and packaging standards has been made, there is a case where the actual product specifications and images are different.


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