Columns for Anionic Surfactant Analysis

LC method is regularly used in Japan for analysis of anionic surfactants in drinking water, In this quality standard, the quantitative total amount of anionic surfactant is needed. By recognizing only the carbon number of the alkyl chain without recognizing the branching of chain, it is possible to improve the detection sensitivity and simplify the quantitative calculation. Using such a special column, efficiency of analysis method can be improved.


LC analysis of Anionic Surfactant


Column 4.6 fmm×250mm
Eluent acetonitrile/water = 65/35 (V/V)
Additive 12.3g of NaClO4 into 1L mixture solution
Flow Rate Column (A)=0.7mL/min, Column (B)=1.0mL/min
Column oven 35℃
Injection 10 μL (preparation: 10mg/L in Methanol)
Detection Ex. 221nm, Em, 284nm

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