Polymerization Inhibitors

Polymerization Inhibitors are reagents which are used to prevent undesirable polymerization by light or heat. It can be used when storing highly reactive monomers. General-purpose reagents such as hydroquinone and nitrosamine are available.

Examples of Application

  • Preservative stabilizer (monomer, UV ink, UV paint, photosensitive resin)
  • Prevention of polymerization during distillation of monomers.
  • Prevention of polymerization during production of monomers and oligomers, and during heating/mixing of monomers.
  • Suspension of polymerization when an abnormal polymerization is observed.
  • Suspension of polymerization once the target polymerization is attained.

High Performance Polymerization Inhibitors


  • Strong polymerization inhibiting effect even with at low concentration.
  • Monomers can be safely stored for long periods.
  • Effective as preservation stabilizers of composition for photo-radical polymerization.
  • Provide strong polymerization inhibiting effect in an oxygen-free environment.

Mechanism of Polymerization Inhibition (Presumed)


Comparison of Polymerization Inhibiting Effects

Cupferron and Aluminium salt show stronger polymerization inhibiting effect, than other polymerization inhibitor at high temperature.


  • Purified styrene
  • Concentration of polymerization Inhibitor : 1,000 ppm
  • Heating temperature: 120°C
  • Under nitrogen gas flow

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