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Front Line of Microglia Research

6th review: Control of stroke via microglia-astrocyte crosstalk

This article was written by Dr. Schuichi Koizumi, Department of Neuropharmacology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine, University of Yamanashi.

The roles of glial cells in brain function have been successively clarified. Given rapid, substantial, and various changes in glial cells in various brain diseases, it is assumed that these changes in...

No more metal catalysts! RAFT polymerization

What is RAFT polymerization? RAFT polymerization is a reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer living radical polymerization method that was reported in 1998 by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific ...

Analytical Chemistry Technical Report

How to select elemental standard solutions according to the purpose

Elemental impurities are analyzed not only in electronic materials but also in a wide range of areas including pharmaceuticals, foods, and environment (water and soil, etc.). It is very important to e...

[Chromatography Q & A] What solvents are used for washing and storage after using the column?

Most of the HPLC columns currently used are commercially available packed columns packed with packing agents. In this case, the solvent filling the column at the time of release needs to be replaced w...

[Chromatography Q & A] Which buffer solution is used for the HPLC mobile phase?

A mixture of water and organic solvents is often used for the mobile phase of HPLC. However, when the dissociation state of the target component changes depending on the pH, the pH should be kept cons...

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