Sample and Product Materials offer! Cell Culture Media (WakoVAC series)


What is WakoVAC media?​

Fujifilm Wako's*1 Cell Culture Media Series for Vaccine Production ​

A series of media with very high performance in cell growth. We are especially aiming to support vaccine manufacturing with our quality products.
We can provide samples from our prototypes and modify them to meet your requirements.​

Product line-up

  • Raw Materials
    Documented supply chains/Animal component-free, non-animal hydrolysate contained*2
    Fish-oil(cGMP, virus inactivated) and hydrolysate (non-animal) contained*3
  • Industrial Applications
    For bioproduction, scalable to commercial volumes
    Available in both liquid and powder form
  • Advantages
    Best in class performance/Easy to use​
*1: FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
*2: WakoVAC MDCK, Vero
*3: WakoVAC PSFM-J1

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