Vero Cell Culture Media for Vaccine Production

WakoVAC Vero

Fujifilm Wako promotes our proprietary media product lines under WakoVAC, manufactured under GMP-compliant system and scalable to commercial volumes. WakoVAC Vero is designed to maximize the growth of Vero cell and its virus production, and built to support for large manufacturing.

Wako Proprietary Media

Products developed under WakoVAC brand is taking a comprehensive approach to meet the key requirements for cell culture products in the field of life science. WakoVAC Vero is targeted to support optimal and stable expansion of Vero cells while retaining viability and target protein expression.

Raw Material Supply

Animal components free raw materials are used in WakoVAC Vero. All raw materials are documented and traceable. All raw materials used are standardized to a certain specification, scalable, and provided from validated suppliers. WakoVAC Vero contains non-animal hydrolysate.

Industrial Applications

The intended use of WakoVAC (GMP-compliant manufactured) is for research, process development, large-scale manufacturing/commercialization. WakoVAC is scalable to commercial volumes for industrial application. Both liquid and powder are available. Flexible packaging is also available upon request. Wako provides complete workflow support from media optimization service to regulatory support at the time of IND/NDA.


WakoVAC Vero includes multiple prototypes formulated to support Vero cell types. It is designed to maximize and consistent Vero cell growth, viability and sustains high productivity.


  • Free of animal component. *Includes non-animal hydrolysate.
  • Compatible with microcarriers.
  • Adaptation not required, in general.
  • Customizable to suit your cells.
  • Optimized for small- to large-scale vaccine production.
  • Compatible with a range of scales of production from research to industry.
  • GMP-compliant manufacturing and materials management including raw material changes.

Product Information

Form Lliquid (powder form is under consideration)
Packagings Based on need
Storage Protect from light at 2 - 10℃


Better cell growth than competitor’ serum-free medium and serum containing medium

WakoVAC Vero prototypes have shown higher performances growing larger number of cells than serum containing medium in microcarrier culture. (Prototype A; Chemically defined, Prototype B; Includes non-animal hydrolysate)

Cell growth in microcarrier culture

  • 00461_img03.png
    • 125mL Spinner Flask
    • Cell type: Vero cell
    • Microcarrier concentration
      : 0.2% (Cytodex1)
    • Condition: 37℃, 5 % CO2
    • Frequency of 70 % medium change
      : Every day (from day2)
    • Medium: 100 mL

Media Optimization Service

WakoVAC Vero will be provided as a made-to-order product, and FUJIFILM Wako is now increasing the variety of prototypes.

Service Flow

  • 1. Inquiry
  • 2. Making test sample at FUJIFILM Wako
  • 3. Sample testing at your site
  • 4. Feedback of the test result
  • 5. Customization
  • 6. Fix formulation
  • 7. Place order
  • 8. Ship the media
-We respond to flexible small scale media demand with non-GMP samples formulated with the same quality raw materials used in GMP level. COS (testing includes appearance, pH and osmo) is available upon request.
-Non-disclosure agreement may be necessary prior to discussing potential business coming forward.
-The shipping cost of the sample will be decided after consultation.

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials: CertiPro series


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This is a made-to-order product. Please visit Media Optimization Service.

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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