Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources (JCRB) Cell Bank

JCRB (Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources) provides one of the most comprehensive cell banks in the world to investigators across the globe for pure and applied science, spanning many fields of research.

Human and animal cell lines from resource centers referred to as cell banks enable in vitro test systems to mimic the physiological state of cells in vivo and give researchers access to consistent, reliable data. We have teamed up with the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation to bring you access to over 1,600 cell lines as the exclusive provider of JCRB's comprehensive catalog of cell lines in Korea.

Applications of JCRB cell lines


Applications of JCRB cell lines in screening various cancer types using FUJIFILM Wako Antibodies

As cancer treatments shift from chemotherapy to personalized therapy using molecular targeted cancer drugs, the scope of molecular biological research on cancer is expanding. Use of antibodies in molecular biological methods have greatly enhanced our understanding of physiological phenomena occurring in cancer cells.


Applications of JCRB Stable Luciferase Expressing Cell Lines for Bio-imaging and Drug Discovery Using FUJIFILM Wako's Luminescent Probes

A luminescent probe is a substance that emits light in a chemical reaction due to change in the energy state of substrate from excited to ground state. This process is triggered by specific chemical reactions, making luminescent probes highly selective with low background noise, thereby enhancing signal detection.


Applications of JCRB cell lines in spheroidbased cancer research using FUJIFILM Wako Cell Cultureware, PrimeSurface® Series

3D tumor spheroids are cancer cell aggregates formed by 3D cell culture in vitro. The growth of spheroids from tumor cells mimics the growth of naturally occurring human tumors, as their extracellular matrix and network of cell-to-cell and cell-to-matrix interactions are similar to in vivo conditions and differ from the corresponding monolayer cultures.


JCRB cell lines in combination with FUJIFILM Wako culture and freezing media provide necessary tools for cancer research

Cells are alive and require continuous culture and passaging for their maintenance. Long-term cell culture is costly, time-consuming and carries the risk not only of contamination with bacteria or other cell lines and interruption of culture due to equipment failure, but also of changes in the inherent characteristics of the cell line, such as cell morphology, growth potential and sensitivity to bioactive substances.

Cell Line Offerings

  • General cells
  • Luciferase-expressing cancer cells
  • Mouse homozygous mutant ES cells
  • Immortalized Mesenchymal stem cells
  • Genetically-modified cells

Cell Bank Features

  • Over 1,600 human and animal cell lines
  • Human culture cells derived from various pathologies
  • Immortalized human mesenchymal stem cell lines

Streamlined Order Process

  • Korean clients can work directly with Wonil Commercial Corp. representatives without worrying about shipping and customs.
  • You can use the Cell Search database on the JCRB website to search for appropriate cell lines by animal, tissue, morphology, cell type, or classification.

What Else You Should Know About JCRB Cell Lines

Some of the most commonly requested cell lines include:

  • HuH-7 well-differentiated human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line
  • Kuramochi undifferentiated carcinoma, ascites
  • EBC-1 squamous cell carcinoma
  • Ovkate human cell line derived from ovarian tumor
  • Ovsaho human cell line derived from ovarian tumor
  • MBT2 bladder carcinoma
  • KHYG-1 human natural killer cell line with a p53 point mutation as a model for p53-associated leukemogenesis and a model for differentiation of NK/T cells
  • HuH28 human liver, bile duct carcinoma cell line
  • FU97 human stomach cancer cell line with AFP production
  • KMS-26 human myeloma cell line...

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