Protective Jacket Dedicated to Gallon Glass Jug



GalloTect™ is a protective jacket dedicated to gallon glass jug. FUJIFILM Wako has developed GalloTect™ with the desire to add safety to daily testing and research activities, based on user feedback such as "when lifted the gallon glass jug, it smashed and cracked."

Received the iF Design Award 2022!


"GaroTect™" won the German "iF DESIGN AWARD 2022"!
The "iF DESIGN AWARD" is one of the world's prestigious awards for outstanding industrial design around the world, sponsored by the "iF International Forum Design GmbH".

"iF DESIGN AWARD2022" Winning Product Page


Make gallon glass Jug hard to fall over!

In the fall test*1, a normal gallon bottle fell at an angle of about 26 °, but by putting on GalloTect™, it became difficult to fall even at the same angle.


High durability!

A test*1 of pulling from both ends of the GalloTect column revealed that it was durable against a force of 350 N (about 35 kg).



The lid was opened and closed 200 times to confirm that there is no loosening!


Solvent resistance test

Carry out solvent resistance test with 11 kinds of solvents!

Solvent resistance of body material has been confirmed for a week with various solvents.

Tested solvents

Water Methanol Acetonitrile Ethanol
Acetone 2-Propanol DMF DMSO
Glycerin Benzyl Alcohol 1-Butanol

Body material: polypropylene (PP)

All-plastics not requiring waste separation!

A resin rivet was adopted for the screw portion. When discarding, a troublesome separation is not necessary!


A resin rivet
is adopted for
the screw portion

Just fit your reagent shelf!

We focused on the design and eliminated the bulkiness thoroughly. The conventional reagent shelf can be stored gallon glass jug with GalloTect™.


How to Use GalloTect™

How to use

1. Place the gallon bottle and set the lid. 2. Turn the lid in the direction
of the arrow until you hear a sound.
3. Complete

How to hold

Holding the opposite side
of the handle
Hold in one hand Hold only prop Support with a lid Move vigorously
in a gallon glass jug


  • This product is a jacket to prevent the gallon glass jug from tipping over. It does not prevent the destruction of gallon glass jug due to falling, etc.
  • This product is a jacket dedicated to 3 L gallon glass jug manufactured by FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation. There is no guarantee that a malfunction occurs when another company's gallon glass jug is used.
  • This product can be used for water, methanol, acetonitrile, ethanol, acetone, 2-propanol, N,N-dimethylformamide, dimethyl sulfoxide, glycerin, benzyl alcohol and 1-butanol. If any liquid is attached, wipe it off.
  • Do not use this product for purposes other than the gallon glass jug protection.
  • Before use, make sure that the lid is securely closed.
  • This product is not a carrying device / transportation device. When handling the product, be sure to use the handle of the main body of the gallon glass jug .
  • Do not vigorously move this product while the gallon glass jug is in.
  • This product is a consumable and may be weakened depending on the use environment. Discontinue use immediately if deterioration such as cracking is observed. Even if no deterioration is observed, replace it within 1 year.

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For research use or further manufacturing use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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