for Spheroids and cultured cells



SCALEVIEW-S creates transparent brains, organs,and cultured cells with minimal tissue damage, that can handle both florescent and immunohistochemical labeling techniques, and is even effective in older animals.
The new technique creates transparent brain samples that can be stored in SCALEVIEW-S solution for more than a year without damage.


  • Easy-to-use
  • No special equipment required
  • Less damage to sample
  • Compatible with IF, FP and other fluorescent labels

T47D cell spheroid observation example


Figure 1. Confocal imaging of T47D cell spheroids after clearing. (nuclei:Hoechst 33342)



  • 01315_img02.png
  • 01315_img03.png

Figure 2. PH3 immunostaining, clearing, and segmentation analysis in nocodazole-treated T47D spheroids.

Data by Molly E, Boutin, et al. : Scientific Reports, 8, 11135 (2018).




Primary Neurosphere from Adult Rat Hippocampus (5 days in vitro)


Figure 3. 3D visualization of Neurosphere

Microscope (CLSM) :Olympus FV1000
Objective lens :UMPLFLN10XW (NA 0.3)


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