GPC Solvents

In general, GPC is measured by the values of refractive index. Therefore, not only the solubility of the polymer but also no coloring of the solvent during heating in analysis is crucial. Our solvents asure changes in refractive index and ultraviolet absorption due to moisture, peroxide, nonvolatile matter, impurities, which is ideal for GPC eluent preparation.
Hexafluorinated IPA is also available.


Example Data for 1-Chloronaphthalene

A: GPC grade
B: reagent grade

When 1-chloronaphthalene of reagent grade was heated at 250 °C, solution was colored and adversely affects the equipment and column. Great products for GPC will not be colored.

UV spectrum example and usage example

Tetrahydrofuran (without stabilizer) Tetrahydrofuran (with stabilizer) 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone
UV spectrum example 00959_img02.png 00959_img03.png 00959_img04.png
Usage example -Please use for general GPC analysis. -Please use it when analyzing RI · UV
(320 nm or more) or when you want to suppress
deterioration derived from solvent of GPC column.
-Please use it for analysis of poorly
soluble compounds such as high polymer.

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