For Protein Analysis and Basic Study of Recombinant Antibody

Fc fusion vectors

pCAG is a gene expression vector for mammalian cells. pCAG vector includes CAG promoter in itself. CAG promoter is known to be able to artificially induce high expression of target recombinant proteins in mammalian cells. pCAG-Hyg/Neo IgG-Fc contains each IgG Fc region including hinge sequence at C-terminal part of multiple cloning site (MCS) and expresses Fcfused proteins. Additionally, secretory signal is inserted into N-terminal part of MCS, so that Fc-fused chimeric proteins are secreted in a culture media※1.
Fc-fused chimeric proteins have functional properties derived from the original protein, and also have features such as a long half-life, increased expression of chimeric proteins in mammalian cell, and easy purification by protein A or G.
Thus, Fc-fused chimeric proteins have been used for functional analysis of proteins and basic study of recombinant antibody.


  • High expression by CAG promoter
  • Optimized expression level of drug resistance gene
  • Secretory signal is already inserted into N-terminal part of MCS
  • Many restriction enzymes can be used in MCS
  • License free ※2

Vector Map


※1: There is a possibility that Fc-fused chimeric proteins is not secreted in a conditioned medium. It depends on characters of a target protein.
※2: If reselling of the product, or sales of plasmids newly established using a DNA fragment or sequence derived from the product is intended, please contact our customer support office (

Restriction Enzyme List

Vector Acc I BamH I Cla I EcoR I EcoR V Hind Pst I Sal I Sma I Spe I Xho I
pCAG-Hyg hIgG1-Fc
pCAG-Hyg mIgG1-Fc
pCAG-Hyg mIgG2a-Fc
pCAG-Hyg mIgG2b-Fc
pCAG-Hyg rIgG2a-Fc
pCAG-Hyg rIgG2b-Fc
pCAG-Neo hIgG1-Fc
pCAG-Neo mIgG1-Fc
pCAG-Neo mIgG2a-Fc
pCAG-Neo mIgG2b-Fc
pCAG-Neo rIgG2a-Fc
pCAG-Neo rIgG2b-Fc

1) Mean particle size is a middle one in the accumulated volume distribution.
2) 5% Dynamic Binding Capacity is measured by frontal analysis (Residence time 3 minutes).

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Human IgG1-Fc fusion vector

Mouse IgG1-Fc fusion vector

Mouse IgG2a-Fc fusion vector

Mouse IgG2b-Fc fusion vector

Rat IgG2a-Fc fusion vector

Rat IgG2b-Fc fusion vector

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