Antifade Mountant for fluorescent proteins /oil-immersion objectives

Super Clear Mount


Super Clear Mount is designed to minimize spherical aberrations, enabling high-resolution imaging with high-NA oil-immersion objective lenses. Super Clear Mount is particularly powerful in super-resolution microscopy.
Super Clear Mount is useful not only for thick brain tissues, but also for thin samples for cell biology and histology; Super Clear Mount should work better than conventional mounting media with high-NA oil-immersion objective lenses. .

Figure 1. High-resolution confocal images of YFP-H line mouse 220 um brain with Super Clear Mount.


  • High-refractive index: ~1.52
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Compatible with CLSM and SRM
  • Suppress photobleaching

Figure 2. Fluorescent brightness antifading data of HEK293T cells expressing fluorescent proteins, mounted with different commercial antifade formulations.

  • 00596_img02.pngFigure 3. HEK293T cells expressing membrane EGFP were stained with DAPI (nuclei) and MitoTracker (mitochondria) and imaged using 3D SR-SIM.
  • 00596_img04.png
    Figure 4. Super-resolution (Airyscan) images of the medulla of the bsh-Gal4 UAS-CD8GFP flies, mounted Super Clear Mount and imaged with an oil-immersion objetive.

Resolution and brightness is maintained throughout depths in Super Clear Mount


Super Clear Mount refractive index (RI) of ~ 1.52, which is optimized to that of cover glass, immersion oil. and objectives. With Super Clear Mount, the fluorescence level is maintained throughout all depths. Super Clear Mount can be used to obtain super –resolution images of fluorescently labeled cells or tissue samples on microscope slides or coverslips.

Figure 5. Point-spread-function (PSF) analysis of fluorescent microspheres (diameter, 100 nm) in Super Clear Mount.

  • 00596_img06.png
    Figure 6. Full width at half maximum (FWHM) for lateral and axial directions.
  • 00596_img07.png
    Figure 7. Confocal axial scans of rhodamine dye solutions from the interface with the glass coverslip.


Different media 00596_img08.png
Non high-resolution images with different medias.
Super Clear Mount 00596_img09.png
High-resolution images with Super Clear Mount.
Super Clear Mount
Curing Non-curing and mounted sample stock for 1yr >.
Refractive index (RI) 1.52
Recommend sample size 0 ~ 200 μm
Photobleaching protection +++
Stock temperature RT

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