Metal-based oxidizing agent

Metal Catalysts

Many oxidation reactions using transition metals have been reported. Especially in the petrochemistry many reactions are been commercial viability. On the other hand, oxidation reaction using transition metal has also been employed in organic synthetic chemistry in the field of fine chemicals. FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical has a number of products oriented towards the immobilization of transition metal catalysts, such as microencapsulation of osmium tetroxide. Such immobilization technique makes good benefits to give additional values not only same functionality as original non-immobilized catalyst. Our product has following advantages; 1) Improvement of handling conditions, 2) ease of work-up/purification, 3) economic improvement by reusability.

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ARP Platinum

Microencapsulated Osmium(VIII) Oxide,

PI Platinum(0)

PI Osmium Oxide Type‚Ö°

Hydrotalcite-Supported Gold(0) Nanoparticle Catalyst

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