Palladium Catalysts

Palladium catalysts are the most used metal complex catalysts to form more complex organic chemicals. Examples of well-known process using palladium catalysts include the "Wacker process" in which acetaldehyde can be formed from ethylene and water, and the "Suzuki-Miyaura coupling" reaction for coupling an aryl halide and an organic boron compound. One reaction using palladium catalyst won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2010 as a cross coupling reaction (Eiichi Negishi, Akira Suzuki, and Richard F. Heck). These coupling reactions are indispensable technologies for the development of pharmaceuticals, liquid crystal materials, and organic electronic materials. Other famous catalytic reactions using a palladium catalyst are the Mizorogi-Heck reaction, Kumada-Tamao-Corriu reaction, Negishi reaction, Migita-Kosugi-Stille reaction, Sonogashira reaction, Hiyama reaction, and the Buchwald-Heartwig reaction. More studies are continuing to improve and develop new reactions.

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Author: T. Shibasaki

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